1981 Bay Stallion

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RUGGED LARK was an American Quarter Horse stallion. He enjoyed an illustrious show career, winning major awards in nine different events. In 1985, as a Junior Horse, Rugged Lark won the coveted Super Horse title at the American Quarter Horse Association World Show crossing over from Western to English disciplines. He repeated this feat in 1987. Rugged Lark became the only Super Horse to produce a Super Horse when his four-year-old, The Lark Ascending, became the 1991 winner of this title. In 1993, Regal Lark, another son, was named Reserve Super Horse and in 1999 Rugged Lark once again sired a Super Horse named Look Whos Larkin.

‘Lark’ was retired from competition, and lived with his owner, Carol Harris on the legendary Bo-Bett Farm in
Reddick , Florida . Rugged Lark stood to a full book of Thoroughbred and Quarter Horse Mares annually.

Since his retirement in 1988, Rugged Lark entertained thousands of visitors at his home. With his trainer, Lynn Palm Pittion-Rosillon, he also performed his world-renowned Bridleless Exhibitions around the country at events such as the American Quarter Horse Congress, the National Horse Show, the Washington International Horse Show, the U.S.E.T. Festival of Champions, the Annual Shrine Rodeo, the Annual Florida Agricultural Festival, the United States Dressage Federation, the AQHA World Show. In 1995 he was named Quarter Horse Ambassador for the United States Equestrian Team. In 1996 he was presented the Silver Spur Award by the AQHA and was also invited to perform for people from all over the world at the 1996 Olympic games in Atlanta , GA. In 1997, Rugged Lark set out on his Farewell Tour which was sponsored by Bayer Animal Health division of the Bayer Corporation. Lark is the only horse to ever be sponsored by a major corporation. On his Farewell Tour, Rugged Lark performed at prestigious shows such as the Devon Horse Show, Equitana USA, The Hampton Classic, the Quarter Horse Congress and the AQHA World Show.

Those who admired Rugged Lark felt he was not just another talented show horse. They thought of him as an individual of unusual intelligence and personality, who perhaps was put on this earth to show the world that a horse must be loved and trusted if he is to realize his full potential. “Everyone loved Rugged Lark and he continually rewarded us with his extraordinary desire to please.” Carol Harris, Lark’s owner said, “Until Lark came into our lives we were truly unaware of the potential of such a unique relationship between man and horse.”


Lark & Carol always
had reasons to celebrate.
Sometimes he’d take a snooze
while Carol read.
larkoffice2 larkoffice
Lark spent a lot of time in the office using the phone and checking files.
Lark loved to eat Fiddle Faddle out of
his Super Horse trophies.

Lark loved to hang out with his two friends,
Lynn & Carol.

The crowd always loved his bridleless jumping.

Two friends relaxing on the office porch.


As a senior citizen, Lark looked like this at age 22.
(Photo taken in his home pasture by famous British photographer – Bob Langrish).