Around 1985 I became fascinated with these little Toy Greyhounds which in many ways resembled Whippets.  I have spent close to 25 years now learning a lot about them.  I feel they are absolutely fascinating and even though they are quite different from my Whippets, I enjoy them tremendously.  For those of you not familiar with this small breed, the Italian Greyhound is a tiny elegant sight hound that is loads of fun to play with, show and love.  They are extremely intelligent but are more sensitive and fragile minded than the Whippet or Greyhound.  They are also extremely athletic and “faster than lightning”.  “IGs“, as we call them, try very hard to please their owners but have little tolerance for loud, insensitive people.  I can only recommend them as pets for obedient, sensible children.

Carol’s dogs have not only been shown successfully throughout the US, but
they have made outstanding show records in Canada, South Africa and Japan, and now
some terribly promising puppies by Ch. Bo-Bett’s Press My Button have just been born in Austrailia
Socialization is important for IGs, their health and personality depends a great deal
on the amount of time we spend with them. 

Teaching them to wait for a cookie or food can help them become better show dogs.