For at least 70 years I have loved, bred and owned many breeds of dogs.  Whippets are kin to Greyhounds and are Sight Hound members of the Hound Group.  Sight Hounds are distinguished by their visual acuity and their dependence on their eyesight for hunting rather than their scent.  The ideal size for Whippet males is 19 to 22 inches and for bitches 18 to 21 inches. 

Whippets became a favorite of mine slightly over 30 years ago and since then I have proudly bred, shown and coursed many of the best.  For people who enjoy athletic, affectionate and easy to housebreak canines with unbelievably intelligent minds, I feel this breed is unsurpassed.   However, they should never be expected to become merely an unattended, backyard pet.  Whippets are much too demanding of your attention for this kind of life.  They idolize their people and expect their owners to feel the same way toward them.  Yes, they are also great with children!


To me this is an example of a beautiful Whippet
head – large, expressive eyes, correct ears
and proper length of muzzle. 

His name is:

Ch. Bo Bett Quigley Down Under
Red, Brindle & White Male – 06/14/07


Ch. Bo Bett Hallmark Break Dance
Fawn, Brindle & White Male – 08/08/08

“Breaker” represents a desirable Whippet body – smooth, curvy lines showing complete athleticism.